Orlando Plantation Shutters

At Sunburst Shutters Orlando, our expertise is custom plantation shutters designed to complement your home. With our team of professionals, and backed by our exclusive brands of plantation shutters, we offer your windows a design and advantage that our competitors can’t. We take pride in our premium brands, and when paired with our dedicated customer service, it means your windows get the treatment they deserve.

You’ll love our variety, with each type of plantation shutter offering its own beauty, distinct features, and durability. Explore our indoor plantation shutters, and discover more about our full line of gorgeous window treatments.  

The Best Custom Plantation Shutters

Our custom plantation shutters are the best window solution for your home because they offer maximum control over light, noise, temperature, and privacy. Our premium brands of plantation shutters are custom-built to fit any window shape or size and offer energy-efficient benefits that other window solutions can’t. With Sunburst Shutters, you get custom window treatments that translate to lower heating and cooling costs. Sunburst’s window solutions are backed by an incredible warranty that’s second to none.

Whatever your needs may be, from specialty window shapes and matching colors, to maximum energy-efficiency, to the biggest variety of frame styles, Sunburst has the best indoor plantation shutters in Orlando.

Sunburst shutters in a dining room

Why Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Home?

Not only do our plantation shutters help you save on energy costs, but as a result of the way they’re mounted on your windows, they become a permanent fixture that’s low-maintenance and eye-catching. When you’re ready to move and your residence is appraised for resale, plantation shutters add to its estimated market value. It’s an advantage that’s unique to plantation shutters, but our high-quality construction, unrivaled customer service, and superior brands put Sunburst Shutters ahead of the competition.

Shutters in a bedroom

Customize Your Plantation Shutters to Fit Your Style

Our plantation shutters come with unique customizations that make your home look fresh and modern, and they’re adjustable as well. We offer a variety of different louver sizes that can provide a different look and viewing area between them. Larger louver sizes mean minimal louvers on your window and a bigger view. This is one of the reasons why larger louvers are our most popular selection. It’s our combination of design, view, and the Sunburst Shutters advantage of effortless control of light and temperature.

We craft plantation shutters that accent your windows and your decor impeccably. At Sunburst Shutters Orlando, that’s why we carry exceptional, in-house brands of custom plantation shutters that you won’t find anywhere else. Schedule a free in-home consultation with our team, and see the unrivaled benefits of Sunburst Shutters in your home.


Polywood Shutters

Plantation shutters in a living room

Composed of an extruded wood substitute, Polywood® plantation shutters won’t warp, chip, split, or crack. Not only that, but the paint finish on our interior window shutters won’t fade or yellow. That’s because we bake on our paint and combine it with UV stabilizers that make the premium synthetic “sunlight resilient.” Through this process, the paint chemically bonds to the material. So, no matter how hard the Orlando sun shines, your interior plantation shutters will always look brand new!

Polywood plantation shutters are also the top of the line insulating plantation shutters, making your home more energy-efficient than it ever was. Learn more about the Polywood Insulating System®, and you’ll find out about the energy-efficiency benefits Polywood shutters can give you. Polywood shutters are also waterproof, termite proof and operate better than any other shutter.

We custom-make all of our Polywood shutters so they look stunning on your windows – and work effortlessly each time you open and shut them. It’s a dedication to high quality and craftsmanship that you can see, feel, and experience, and it’s what gives Polywood the edge above other interior shutters.


Ovation Interior Wood Shutters

Ovation shutters in a living room with a fireplace

If you’re looking for a premium wood plantation shutter, you’ve found it. Ovation® interior wood shutters are crafted from furniture-grade hardwoods. Plus, they’re kiln-dried and water-sealed to protect against moisture, which makes them an enduring plantation shutter that will stand the test of time.. A five-star interior wood shutter, Ovation plantation shutters are available with different louver sizes, frame types, and tilt rod options, so you can customize them to fit your style and aesthetic.

Are you looking for a specific color to match your decor? Ovation indoor plantation shutters can be customized in 28 different wood stains and 11 stunning paints, so you're able to match your previous window trim and furniture or complement the colors of your space.

We manufacture all of our Ovation plantation shutters to fit your windows perfectly and work smoothly. As an added benefit, our Ovation interior wood shutters are also backed by a lifetime warranty.


Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Reclaimed wood shutters in a living room

Modernize your house with reclaimed wood shutters. These plantation shutters are built with reclaimed wood from barns, fences, old buildings, and more. Because of this, each piece has a unique blend of color and finish, built by Mother Nature. We custom-make these interior shutters to fit any square or rectangular window in your home. Our award-winning reclaimed wood shutters are a great way to pair a modern look with a natural beauty that gets your guests talking about the design of your space.


Studio Shutters

Studio shutters in a living room

Studio shutters are a new offering from Sunburst Shutters Orlando. Uniquely built to offer both the elegant look of plantation shutters in addition to increased home value, Studio shutters are a sleek, streamlined window solution and a great way to make your home more energy-efficient. Like our other premium plantation shutters, Studio shutters are long-lasting and durable, and they’re priced at an incredible value that our customers love.

Unlike other economy interior shutters, our exclusive Studio shutters are durable and completely resistant to moisture. This makes them ideal for homes in humid areas of the country or along the coast. At Sunburst Shutters, we are committed to building our brands better, and it shows. Our Studio shutters are no exception.

Custom Plantation Shutter FAQs

  • Where do plantation shutters get their name?

    Interior window shutters are called “plantation shutters” due to their prominence in large estates and plantations, chiefly in the Southern United States, where they were used for classy aesthetics and potential to block heat from entering.
  • What type of plantation shutter do you suggest for my bathroom or family room?

    Choosing the right type of plantation shutter can be challenging. For that reason, we've created the Total Room Window Treatment Guide so you can find the best indoor plantation shutters for each room in your home.
  • Where are your plantation shutters built?

    Our exclusive Polywood and Studio plantation shutters are completely constructed and assembled in America.

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