Incorporating Window Treatments In Your Orlando Remodel Project

Todd Hansen

You’ve decide–no more waiting. You’re ready to start on that home remodel you’ve been batting around for months. But before you start doing any DIY work or invite one of the best Orlando remodelers in, you should make sure you’re planning out everything accordingly–especially when it comes to how you incorporate windows and window treatments such as shutters into your remodel.

We’ve gathered some tips on what you should do before, during, and after your remodel to make it look incredible for years.

Remember Why Windows Are Important to Your Remodel

Most remodelers will agree that windows are one of the most important parts of architectural home design. Windows are mainly responsible for letting in light, which can drastically change the look of a room in spite of any other design choice inside. So before your remodel starts gathering steam, think about any changes you’d want to see in your windows. Would you prefer more light coming in? Would you want better control over that natural light? Do you need better privacy, noise control, etc.?

Finding your answer to any of those questions can make a big impact on how your remodel goes, so take some time and give your windows some attention.

Orlando living room with shutters

Get Your Window Treatment Provider Involved Early In the Project

If you want new window treatments as part of your remodel, try to get your window treatment installer in contact with your home remodeler early on in the project. With lots of moving parts in a home remodel, there are several benefits in getting all your service providers talking:

  • Everyone can get a project timeline established, making your home remodel go faster and easier.

  • Your window treatment provider can get in, take measurements, and provide ideas upfront, before any demolition takes place.

  • Less of a chance of mistakes made in a remodel that leaves you with anything other than your dream home.

  • A more defined direction for the style of your remodel - resulting in a better looking space when it’s finished.

Orlando living room with blinds

It’s also helpful to a window treatment installer that has worked with home remodelers and designers in the past. Sunburst Shutters Orlando has working relationships with several Orlando designers and contractors, so we know how to work with other home services.

Selecting a window treatment company that frequently works with home designers can give you a better idea of how your remodel will look when finished, as well as cut down on the time spent waiting before you can enjoy your reimagined home, not to mention a spectacular looking finished product.

Ready to Start Your Remodel?

If you want to inject some new life into your house with a remodel, we want to help. Call Sunburst Shutters Orlando at 407-630-7011 for recommendations on the best Orlando remodelers and home designers, in addition to ideas on what window treatments would look best in your dream home.