Home Office Window Treatments In Orlando That Work For You

Todd Hansen

If remote work is your new way of life these days, you likely need help in optimizing your Orlando home office. A good place to start is your window treatments. Need to see a side by side comparison of the variety of home office window treatments?

Check out our window treatments chart, for window treatments perfect for your home office.
Options like plantation shutters and motorized window shades are smart home office window treatments for Orlando residents who wish to create a comfortable and productive work environment without giving up your home’s personal charm. These alternatives are even capable of helping you look your best during video calls! Here’s how to employ these window treatments to your best interest.
Plantation shutters in a home office.

Plantation Shutters: Versatile Home Office Window Treatments In Orlando

Working from home is often a challenge, so choose home office window treatments in Orlando that will make the workday more pleasant. The time-tested craftsmanship of plantation shutters makes them a winning solution when you want to control your area’s light and temperature.

One of the perks of working from home is that you are in charge of the comfort levels. However, you aren’t looking to inflate your utility expenses by running the HVAC all day long. Insulating Polywood shutters can help. During warmer months, shut your plantation shutters to reduce the interior temperature and keep the glare off your monitors. During colder months, that insulating ability keeps drafts at bay.

Want to reduce electric bills or hate sitting in a dim office? Move the louvers on your Polywood shutters for filtered light that you can direct away from your computer display and into other parts of your room. If needed, close the louvers again to block outside distractions like passing traffic and dog walkers. Keep them shut to maintain privacy after dark if you need to work late.

If you’d like pizzazz in your home office, the attractive features of plantation shutters create a dazzling design component that gives a boost to even the most ordinary windows. They can be found in a wide array of versatile colors as well. Whether you pick crisp white plantation shutters or a warm and welcoming hardwood shutter, your dazzling home office window treatments will have you happy to be working remotely!

Motorized shades in a home office.

Motorized Window Shades Provide Variety And Convenience for Orlando Workers

Like interior shutters, many styles of window shades offer coverage and insulation for your home office windows. Light-suppressing blackout shades eliminate distracting glare. Energy-efficient cellular shades ward off those cold drafts and keep warm air in. Transitional shades let you choose between soft, filtered sunlight or total darkness.

Window shades can be found in a multitude of colors and styles to fit your individual preferences and fulfill your dream of a perfect home office. You might like something stylish like Roman shades that provide an elegant backdrop during conference calls or a practical product like roller shades to avoid distractions.

If you’ve decided on the type of window shade you wish to install, consider the motorized version to upgrade your space even more. Motorized window shades are controlled by a remote device instead of manually. This gives you numerous options for controlling the lighting in your home office.

If the sunlight shifts and a glare breaks your concentration, you can adjust your shades in one simple touch without getting up. If the sun is washing you out on a conference call, or you realize your office looks too dark online, you can let down or raise up your motorized shades from your desk without disrupting meetings. Your boss and colleagues will be jealous of your professional workspace when you customize your home office window treatments in Orlando.

Are You Still Contemplating Which Window Treatments Is The Best For Your Home Workspace? We’ve Included This Chart To Help You When Comparing All Of Your Options.

Sunburst window treatment chart sizes.

Elevate Your Orlando Home Office with Window Treatments From Sunburst Shutters

You’ll work better when your window treatments enhance your comfort and your privacy. Speak with the window treatment experts at Sunburst to make the right choices for your home office. For a free in-home consultation, contact us at 407-630-7011 or complete the form on this page.