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Wooden Ovation shutters with dark wood within a living room corner.

Faux Wood Shutters VS Real Wood Shutters in Orlando

October 21, 2022

When exploring your options for plantation shutters in Orlando, you have your pick of natural wood or manufactured wood shutters. First off, you are presented with faux wood shutters -- including our Polywood® shutters -- in versatile white that give you an unprecedented level of energy efficiency. As an alternative, you have the rich, appealing paints and stains of our beautiful wood Ovation® shutters.

Each possesses distinctive features to meet your window treatment specifications. Fortunately, there’s a shutter for everyone when you compare faux wood shutters vs. real wood shutters in Orlando.

For Optimal Efficiency, Select Polywood Shutters

 White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink.

High-efficiency options improve the insulation of windows, hindering cold drafts and warm sun rays to maintain your comfort and reduce utility bills. Faux wood Polywood shutters are ideal for efficiency. Exterior air and sunshine can’t get through their strong composite material, and all of their components are designed to shut securely if you want to shield your windows. Polywood shutters are also fabricated with patented weather sealing that supplies unsurpassed insulation.

When closed, Polywood shutters provide insulation that is 70% better than natural wood shutters. You’ll observe a noticeable advantage when shutting them on particularly warm or freezing days. However, wood shutters deliver more energy efficiency than other products like window shades and blinds.

For More Color Possibilities, Take A Look At Ovation Shutters

 Dark wood Ovation shutters in a small dining room area.

Both natural wood and faux wood shutters look stunning in every Orlando home. However, each has its own distinct appearance to blend with your personal preferences. While white Polywood shutters appear fresh and contemporary, wood shutters are both inviting and distinguished. But, if you have a certain look in mind, Ovation shutters with their many color possibilities might be the right solution.

Polywood shutters are available in three shades of classic white. Although white goes with everything, if your interior design calls for another lovely versatile stain or paint, consider Ovation shutters. These window coverings can be customized with 13 paint options and 27 stain possibilities! They are able to blend with the wood elements in your interior or bring a dazzling element of nature to your property.

If You're Looking For Durability, Polywood Wins

White Polywood shutters on large dining room windows. 

When it comes to real wood shutters vs. faux wood shutters in Orlando, faux wood is the clear choice for durability. Polywood shutters withstand damage from moisture, extreme temperatures, bugs, mold, and sunshine. They won’t split, break, warp, or fade. You can put them in your coldest, brightest, or dampest spots without worry. They’ll last decades in any space of your residence and garage!

Ovation wood shutters also provide superior durability for a wood window treatment. Being the only 5-star wood shutters in the world, they incorporate the best materials and construction to ensure impressive longevity. And even though they shouldn’t be installed in moist bathrooms, the wood is treated to withstand humidity as much as possible.

Sunburst Shutters Orlando Can Help You Choose Between Faux Wood Shutters Vs. Real Wood Shutters In Orlando

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