5 Home Updates You Can Do in Orlando While Staying At Home

Todd Hansen

If you look around your home in Orlando, you may begin spotting various projects that could be done. Even though a few home updates require a good deal of time, money, and multiple runs to the store, there are some home improvements in Orlando you can do while staying home. Here are 5 ways you can upgrade your home without leaving your property.

Paint Your Living Space for a Quick, New Look

Plantation window treatments in a bathroom

Is there spare paint stored away from previous home improvement jobs? Put the paint to good use and give your living space a fresh look. Painting is one of the cheapest ways you can enhance your rooms. Besides, it just takes a a couple of hours, paint, and a few supplies you often have lying around like brushes, rollers, and drop cloths.

Give Your Home’s Furniture A Transformation

If you have furniture around the house that you used to enjoy but is currently old, worn, or its style is two decades old, consider refinishing it. Sometimes, all a desk or bureau could use a crisp coat of paint in a new color to give it extra life and sophistication. And that chair with the ugly fabric may be easier to refinish than you believe, specifically if you order the fabric online. Changing up your furniture can be a easy, cheap project that gives you joy.

Look for Custom Window Treatments from the Comfort of Home

Installing brand-new custom window treatments such as plantation shutters, shades, or blinds is a tremendous way to upgrade a living space and give it a rejuvenated look. Plus, some window treatments like Polywood® shutters can add added energy efficiency.

Fortunately you don’t have to leave and go to a store or showroom to have a design consultation with a professional and purchase new window treatments. With services like Sunburst’s Virtual Design Consultation, you are able to schedule a virtual consultation in Orlando. During the appointment you’ll learn what window treatments we recommend for you and your place of residence, we’ll help you take measurements of your windows for a custom fit, and then you can order your new window treatments.

Find Creative Ways to Utilize What You Already Possess

Sitting area with a desk and chair

One way to give your rooms a complete new look and feel is by just moving around the furniture and helping your room to go with your lifestyle. For instance, if you love to read, think about making a reading corner that has a comfy sitting living space utilizing task lighting, and a table to put your favored books and a cup of coffee nearby.

You can also get more creative and look for opportunities to mix and match accessories from different rooms in your home. A table that looks awkward in the family room, might be just what you need in the living room.

Freshen Up the Exterior

An outside patio with plantation shutters

Additionally, home renovations aren’t limited to the indoors. When you invest time to tidy up your yard and patio, you’ll increase your living area. Some simple outdoor tasks include planting a garden or re-designing your landscaping by separating your plants. Just spending a a little time for mulching and weeding can help give you a backyard oasis where you can unwind.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home with New Window Treatments?

When you’re ready to improve your home’s window treatments without having to leave home, consider scheduling a free virtual or in-home meeting by calling 407-630-7011 or filling out the form below. Our professionals are happy to take you through your options and help you identify the right window treatments for your rooms without you having to leave your home.