Sliding Glass Door Shutters: Orlando’s Elegant Alternative to Vertical Blinds

When you want the right window treatment for your home’s sliding glass door in Orlando, plantation shutters are the perfect covering. Long-lasting and exquisite, these sliding shutters are the preferred choice to obsolete and frail vertical blinds.

We sell plantation shutters in Orlando in two different configurations, based on the space next to your home’s sliding glass doors.

Sliding Shutters: Bypass Configuration

Sliding Glass Door Shutter In Orlando

Bypass shutters consist of at least two sets of shutters which move back and forth on a top-mounted track. For the bypass configuration, one set of panels passes in front of the other, allowing you to access your door. This setup is best for spaces where there is limited space for shutters to go in front of the doors. They also work well in an area where there is limited room on either side of the doors.

Sliding Shutters: Bifold Configuration

Bifold shutters are composed of two sets of shutters that fold out from the center and are conducted by a top-mounted track. In the bifold configuration, both panels fold back to back, letting you have complete access to your glass door. This configuration is best for when the view is important – and the shutters have space to be folded aside to optimize the view.

How Are Sliding Shutters Built?

To begin, we measure the length and width of each section of your glass door. Next, we note if there’s room next to the doors. This helps us figure out if we should use a bypass or bifold configuration. Next, we go back to our office and order the hand-fashioned plantation shutters that fit your doors and configuration. Utilizing our state-of-the-art software and customized design templates based on the dimensions of your door, we design and manufacture your sliding glass door shutters ,integrating the finishes and colors you hand-picked.

Our expert installers mount the sliding shutters on your sliding glass doors, ensuring the louvers on the shutters can be tilted and the panels are movable. This offers you a better view and shutters that are easy to clean.

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